Restoration Team / Quality Control

Quality Restoration and Security In Commerce

          Our restoration experts are Tom Fraser and Tevie Dante ” Fraser Dante Ltd.” Their experience and expertise goes back 50 years and has roots in Nascar Racing. Fraser Dante are elite collectors and restoration specialists that exclusively evaluate restore and or certify that each and every vehicle at Jonny’s is ” Correct .” Improper  or mixed restorations are evaluated honestly and respectfully as we point out flaws in collectibles and document them. Our team’s top classic mechanics check every vehicle thoroughly and road test them before any clients vehicle is shipped.

          All fluids are checked, fresh oil, oil filter, and spark plugs, all lights working unless noted, brakes are checked, and a full checklist comes with the vehicle. The vehicles are nicely detailed with great effort up front but the warranty and final sale is “as is “. We provide multiple photos, videos if provided and document the restoration work where possible, valuable “number’ sheets, and work orders are provided where applicable. Note, we supply proper legal paperwork, to insure complete transfer of ownership and insure vehicles from door to dock. We fully, accurately and honestly describe the condition and components of all vehicles to a great extent…in short, we operate with a fiduciary duty and point out any known flaws and represent vehicles accordingly.

          Our team has sold fine quality classic and special interest vehicles around the USA for 50 years and now are in our 24th year of specializing in world markets. We will be here tomorrow to answer your questions and are anxious to further the buying and selling from our customers.   We make great effort to make sure our vehicles are as well documented as possible taking into consideration vehicle age and the nature of antique collectible cars. Photos are often taken to show the extent of items (the braking system, the suspension with bushings, shocks, rebuilding carburetors and other such areas that are very important when one drives our vehicles). When one typically finds a vehicle at an auction, the condition of the brakes are not shown, the speedometer may not work, the lighting system with brake lights and turn signals are not checked. Our team has operated with the highest standards. Jonny’s classics is raising the bar with honesty, integrity, with an acute since of propriety, customer service and fiduciary duty, we only use the best of the best to deliver cars safely and handle our clients funds securely.

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