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    1965 Mustang 2+2 Shelby 1966 GT 350 package just completed to high standards in just really gorgeous Classic Shelby American colors of Wimbledon White with proper Shelby GT 350 Blue striping, Shelby scoop hood and side air vents along with the side Plexiglas rear quarter glass windows, new factory built ‘302’ with strong compression, aluminum heads, roller rockers with Cobra valve covers to look stock, aluminum intake system, Edelbrock intake, Holley 4v carberator, Cobra kit air intake, aluminum HD radiator, new fuel tank, a strong 5-speed Tremac transmission system, restored driveshaft, newer cold Vintage air conditioning, has a full black Pony interior, uprated wood/aluminum ‘Shelby’ steering wheel, factory console, working ralley pac, Custom Autosound 1966 radio, just completed and documented terrific full red oxide underchassis, rear end chuck detailed, a fresh build in outstanding condition both mechanically and cosmetically, all new braking with front disc brakes with slotted rotors, full new suspension with springs, bushings, high end KYB shocks, front Shelby sway bar, Shelby Monte Carlo bar, 16” Magnum polished wheels, Kuhmo staggered radials, a tremendous effort just accomplished for maximum driving conditions for those who want to enjoy a top, top classic 2+2 1966 Shelby GT 350 Mustang clone with an exceptional good looking cosmetic show presentation with final professional wet sanding and buffing complete the build just prepared for top street performance with excellent heavy duty cooling system,

    HISTORY: an original bodied, solid condition and great presentation yielded from a full examination and then completed for Summer 2014, her is the ‘classic Shelby GT 350 look’ that is desired all over the world, lots of build and restoration in the Atlanta area, see the photo of this shown at a Talladega car show (LINK) even before the finish by Fraser Dante, this came from the last owner well know to this writer, said substantial businessman and ‘car guy’ bought the car in Atlanta, he completes his cars with great effort in mechanicals, then he started this build and restoration to make sure it would perform as well as it looks, now has only about 2800 miles from the initial engine install and initial full beautiful paint, then only 500 miles on the 5-speed transmission installation, then the final and updated Fraser Dante full completion with upgrades of the engine and chassis build just completed June 2014 with final documented restoration and build, this is terrific 2+2 that includes a wonderful photo album of the initial build to document the history (LINK) plus a CD of the final build at Fraser Dante to document the history, all of this history adds to the investment value of the car, a ‘Bullit’ driver’s side mirror, has the GT rear exhaust valence with backup lights, a top Driven Performance Classic Show Car, see photos of the Shelby literature that give the goal of an American classic (LINK),
    all floors and axel tunnel appear very solid with but only two pans nicely replaced as factory, full underchassis had stripping and preparation, then red oxide show detailing just completed, has the fold down rear seat, recent maintenance and restoration work that has continued on this classic of all Shelby colors, this is one of the best presenting bodies and chassis, then the final mechanicals and underchassis preparation completed,

    then this base coat/clear coat gorgeous paint also includes the final body professional ‘finishing’ was completed in the Fraser Dante shops (LINK), this included a check on rack and examination of all mechanical components, see the (LINK) of the original data tag, note the Owner’s Manual (LINK), restoration photos (LINK),

    Engine: an exceptional engine bay that is presented in a manner to pass real show standards, this freshly built motor is rated at about 300-325+ horsepower with the factory ‘built’ bored 302cid block, this features the Ford aluminum heads and hydraulic lifters, note the new aluminum roller rockers, see the photos of the fresh heads, has the Cobra and Mustang valve covers now installed to look stock, yields a correct Shelby feeling, very strong and smooth performance from these aluminum heads with such outstanding dry, cold compression with readings of 160 to 166 lbs across (LINK), one hardly ever sees such even, strong compression that shows fresh condition, the cam cam with the engine according to the initial builder, this yields a nice and mellow ‘lope’,
    The intake system is the Edelbrock aluminum high rise ‘RPM’ air gap unit with a Holley 4v electric choke carberator that is matched to the intake, all linkage new, has the Ford ‘Hi-Po’ Cobra air clearer and yellow air element, the ignition is the MSD ‘6’ system distributor, Ford racing heavy duty 8 mm spark plug wires, fresh spark plugs, all of the wiring in said bay is new, brand new battery with heavy duty cables, there is a whole file of specific booklets of many of these parts used,

    the exhaust comes from high performance ‘shorty’ ceramic headers that lead to a custom built 2 ½” aluminized ‘H’ pipe system with Magnaflow mufflers, the engine has about 2800 miles on the initial install with the final work to complete in June 2014, the strong 5-speed transmission only about 500 miles, then the final build, tune and set up at Fraser Dante just done for Summer 2014,

    a new expensive aluminum radiator, flex fan and shroud just installed for additional cooling for the strong engine and the air conditioning system (LINK), it is painted black with new fan is just installed for optimum cooling for the street performance, new cooling lines, fresh antifreeze for protection, this is now one of the new type builds with all the information supplied, highly show detailed engine bay,

    just now installed is the the new Mustang fuel tank to insure the fresh fuel delivery (SEE LINK), this includes the fuel filler, the new sending unit for the gas gauge is included, the fuel lines are checked to be clear, said work will help this be a top driven show car,

    Transmission/running gear: the five speed is the better ‘world class’ T5 Ford unit, all new Ron Morris Performance bell housing and clutch system, proper looking interior shifter, the rear end is the desirable Shelby type 9” Ford positraction unit, stampings show #C5AW-A668A, the gear ratio appears to be the 3.23:1 for the best performance and street use (LINK), the shocks are uprated KYB GR-2 units, said chassis is lowered as per Shelby height, now all detailed for show appearance, new strut rod bushings, new control arm bushings, note the expensive front disc brakes are the GT style with the uprated slotted rotors, then the rear drum brakes and wheel cylinders are just fully checked to work well, then road tested, LINK

    driveshaft: a Fraser Dante added benefit is that at considerable expense we had the driveshaft professionally rebuilt by our top sub, the main tube is tube spun and fully checked, new “U” joints installed to make sure this is vibration free and strong, the slip yoke has even been addressed, said the balanced, restored driveshaft in order to insure safe and vibration free driving, fully balanced and strength checked, new yokes and slip joints restored, then painted black to protect (LINK), then picked up and reinstalled after the chassis detail, this whole process of the driveline work alone is a $630 addition including the trips to take and return, then a test drive is done to check,

    The wheels are the expensive, great looking 16” Magnum 500s that are chrome outside and the proper black centers, while looking ‘factory’, they are wider 8x16 fronts and 8x8.5 rears to handle better, they have been fitted with the new Kumho radial tires are 225/50/16 fronts and 245/50/16 rears, ‘right’ for this application, makes this handle great along with the sway bar and shocks, thusly fresh mechanicals just checked by Senior technician, this car really looks extremely aggressive and ‘cool’ when you see it in person, with these wheels and ride height, it has all the ‘eyes in the world’,

    Body/chassis: extensive effort completed to prepare the underchassis, it appears the floors and torque boxes are in really extremely good condition, almost all original with natural finish when the Fraser Dante work started, only two pans were nicely replaced earlier, the floors have just been stripped (LINK) in the chassis presentation, then final preparation includes seam sealing to look authentic, has many, many hours for the chassis being prepped and sanded, see the many photos of said work completed at Fraser Dante (LINK), this process is followed by a long and full correct red oxide applied in order to show this car, then the red oxide is cleared to protect, (LINK) even the axle chunk is stripped, the rear painted black and the front where the driveshaft comes in is also red oxide, a very nice presentation that is documented with photos for said quality and show presentation,

    Finally for Summer 2014, the buffing by a top professional ‘finisher’ is just completed, this multi hour process first has the Fraser Dante prepare the car with cleaning and full taping, then said finisher uses high speed buffers and high tech chemicals and waxes to bring out the terrific luster (SEE LINK)of this car, very few classic car restorers use this effort to prepare these cars for shows as this full process, said base/clear really presents great!

    Under the hood is very clean and solid, this has the desirable Shelby type Monte Carlo bar for excellent chassis support to couple with the Shelby sway bar installed with new bushings, the driver’s side inner apron was replaced in the Atlanta recent restoration in order to have a rust free car,

    Interior/dash: see the new black dash pad and the dash are new, see the wood trim, note that the brand new ‘Shelby’ wood and aluminum steering wheel is just available and installed (SEE LINK), this expensive unit sets off the interior, the stock gauges look great, there is a choice of a proper Mustang Ralley Pac now installed or the now available retro (with updated internals) steering column mounted Sun Pro tachometer (LINK) as would have been used ‘in the day’, the latter is more appropriate for this build and presentation as just installed on another such 2+2 Shelby build,

    the interior is the Black Pony buckets with new padding, see the (LINK) for the tag found under the seat in the springs showing how original the car was for such a build, this shows a date of C5 Z8 6563101-8, appears to have been in these nice springs all this time showing how well the car has been kept, the door panels are also the Black Pony door panels are new, even had the courtesy lights leading us to believe this was an original Pony interior car, has the factory expensive stock console, also has the GT wood trim, note the new black safety belts for safety, good new black floor carpet, also the chrome trim and the black carpet on the fold down seat, rear trunk mat, spare tire,

    Summary: here is a really terrific Shelby GT 350 presentation in a replica that presented in just outstanding condition, has items like the hood pins that look authentic, great working air conditioning, presented in the classic Shelby White with Blue colors along with fresh running gear set for actual road show enjoyment, just great underchassis presentation, just finished for show presentation, all work completed for Summer 2014

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